What is Fleet Management Software & Why You Need It?

What is Fleet Management Software?

Which industry can use fleet management software?

  • Automating tasks
  • Offering actual information for efficient control of both drivers and equipment
  • Ensures driver’s safety
  • Lowers costs
  • Maintains consistent fleet management

How does it work?

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Features of fleet management software

  • Warranty Tracking — This functionality keeps records of the warranty state of the fleet’s vehicles and components. It can show the validity of any given vehicle’s warranties at the point of repair or maintenance, saving a significant amount of money.
  • Geofencing — This function sends out different reminders about the vehicle’s location, such as when it departs, leaves pre-defined borders, or runs during off-duty hours.
  • Fuel Management — A fuel management feature keeps track of a tank’s contents and generates fuel management data. This helps fleet managers to schedule routes and organize drivers more effectively. This, in turn, helps to cut down on fuel costs.
  • Notifies for routine maintenance — Fleet management software sends out automated engine diagnostic warnings, keeps track of service logs, and schedules oil changes, tune-ups, and other preventative maintenance. If there is an engine problem, the device will warn the driver and connect them to a list of repair shops.
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Driver Management
  • Advanced Routing
  • Mapping
  • Push notification
  • Billing
  • Dashboard
  • Profile management
  • Fuel tank monitoring
  • Quote management

Why do you need fleet management software? Top benefits

1. Enhances Safety

2. Ensures Easy Reporting

3. Enhances Customer Experience

4. Ensures Easy Communication

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5. Reduces Manual Tasks

6. Improves Services

7. Enhances Customer Retention

8. Easy Fraud Prevention

How can Matellio help you in fleet management software development?

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