Top 9 Benefits of Legal Case Management Software

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8 min readSep 22, 2021

With digital transformation in play, every industry is streamlining, and digitisation is sweeping every sector with upgradation. The more we are moving towards technology, the more we are leaving behind the traditional working methods. The switch from paper to software also goes for legal cases, and this is where the legal management system has come into play.

While working on n no. of clients, you must have realised that there are a plethora of software options available for client management. You might have also thought about which software is the best for you and your client to be able to work on the same page.

Well, this blog will offer just the right answer to that. With detailed explanations about legal case management software and its benefits, you will be able to select the software that works the best for you.

So let’s start, shall we?

What is legal case management software?

A web-based legal case management software allows your organisation to work seamlessly in one cohesive environment with all the relative information in one place.

The information consists of client information, contact details, case notes, appointments, billing and accounts, history and calendar for scheduling.

Since case management involves huge information, legal case management software will make it easy for the case managers. The managers will store information about dozens of clients and hundreds of files at a once secure location. A reliable software makes it easy to check the data, monitor the reports, and leverage the information you collect without shuffling through unwanted files and papers.

The software also establishes a common collaborating platform between the clients and the case manager. As a result, the client with access to the platform can easily communicate via centralised locations and share the case related files, sheets etc., within the software.

Moreover, the management software is made entirely secure to allow a safe transaction between the client and the manager.

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Let us learn more about the features of the management software.

Features of Legal Case Management Software

Apart from the sale pitches, branding, and showcasing, every software comes down to its features. If you wonder which legal case management software to invest in, you must know about the first place’s features. Here are some of the vital features that a web-based case management software should have to make your practice more efficient.

1. Should be able to manage the documents

Document management simply means to digitally store all the documents related to the case and help the law firm. Organisation, searching and management should be accessible when choosing software, or the effectiveness of your work goes for a toss.

The documents can include files, spreadsheets, pdfs, word files, pictures and template.

2. Must have a basic calendar

Any software that manages clients should have a calendar. The attorneys can use the calendar to track client appointments, the dates of opposing parties and other individual meeting schedules. This allows everyone to be in line with the law firm and notifying them about the upcoming meetings.

However, the basic calendar is not the same as docketing.

3. Should allow Rules-Based Calendaring (RBC)

The most vital part of any law firm is to track the hearing and meetings to be present at the time of case proceedings. RBC also referred to as docketing, is an automated way of tracking the legal meetings, hearings and filing the deadlines for every case.

You can also set it up according to the jurisdiction to ensure that your dates regarding the case are appropriately monitored.

4. Should have a Client portal

The client portal is a safe digital platform where your clients can communicate with you or get in touch with the organisation’s other members. They can leave messages, access the documents to their case, and query their matters.

Some of the legal case management tools allow client intake directly via the software. The potential clients are provided with a questionnaire that has to be filled before they reach the case consultation law firm. The members of the organisation then access the details provided by the client.

Based on the client’s information, the law firm members’ attorney can decide whether to take up the case or ask more questions to the client. This makes the client taking up more effortless for you and the client along with complete security.

5. Should be able to manage Cases

The most helpful feature of the Legal Case Management Software is managing cases and their related matters. The software should include all the crucial information about the clients and their needs while segregating different matters if required. All the cases must be organised to avoid confusion if a client reaches out in the future with some different matter.

For instance, if you have a client with three different cases, the software should show you three separate entries for each case.

6. Billing and Accounting

Gone are those days when the law firms used paper and ledgers for billing and accounting. The web-based legal case management software should be able to do billing digitally. In many of the software, the billing is done automatically by entering the time and amount. Once the electronic bill is generated, you will have the option to send it via email, mails, or from the client portal in the case management software.

Additionally, the law firms can also create reports, track expenses, and keep a check on the inflow and outflow of money with the accounting tools provided in the software.

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Top Benefits of Using Legal Case Management Software

Many law organisations are still considering tarnished methods of working, which is hampering their productivity. Using the legal case management software will give the law firms an extra edge and help them work more efficiently.

Here are some more benefits of using legal case management software that you can leverage to streamline your work and expand your client base.

1. Provides a centralised workspace

Centralisation of your data is an essential element when it comes to working. A centralised workspace allows all the people to search, upload and retrieve data from a single source, thereby maximising efficiency and reducing time. Moreover, it offers your staff members access to access the software even while being away from the office.

2. Helps maximise the productivity

One of the significant advantages of legal management software is a well-organised matter. The matter includes everything related to the case like documents, information of the appointments, tasks, emails, meeting history, notes, and billing information.

With all the information at a single place, all the members know where to look for the matter without shuffling through files or contacting other staff members. They will be able to access the data without having to bother any other, which will not hamper anyone’s work, and the flow of work will be smooth within the organisation.

3. Improves client satisfaction

Happy and content clients are the base of any organisation. When you live up to the customers’ expectations, your business is sure to grow. The same goes for the law firms as well.

With the help of web-based legal case management software, you will be able to get all your clients’ information instantly, no matter where you are. Additionally, when you have all the case related details, you can even update the client whenever required. Thus, quick updates ensure happy clients.

4. Gives better conflict checks

You’ll get better conflict checks when you can run a conflict check in the software with all the information about your clients in one place.

A complete conflict check will not improve the firm’s processes but also protects the firms and keeps them in line with their liability insurance.

5. Offers enhanced team collaboration

With the help of case management software, you will share the information with your staff members. This will also allow you to assign tasks to other staff members and get the notifications once it is done.

Furthermore, you will also be able to share the information between the organisations’ members with built-in chat systems (if your software provides any.)

6. Allows access from anywhere

The world is moving fast, and matching the rapid technological growth, you should too! Thus, with the cloud-based legal case management system, you will be able to access your clients’ information on the go. All you need to have is an internet connection, and your firm’s complete database will be available to you on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

7. Facilitates easy onboarding

Although the new members add value to the company when you have a vast organisation, it becomes tedious to train the new member.

However, a single management software with centralised information can make the process easy and less time-consuming.

With the automation of workflow, you can build customised processes in the program and ensure team compliance with minimal training.

8. Keeps track of work

Some of the management applications are also able to monitor the time spent on programs throughout the day. Thus, giving you the ability to track your work and calculate the time spend within the application.

With the automated entry of time, you can monitor the use and other programs the attorneys in your organisation use in a day.

9. Keeps you on time

A working professional understands the value of meeting deadlines. While meeting completing a task keeps you ahead in the competition, not reaching deadlines affects your work’s value and, in turn, the cases.

Legal case management software helps you accomplish the task within given time limits by significantly improving the workflow and making work management simple. The software will notify you of the upcoming case dates, appointments, and meetings through a single location.

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Matellio makes legal case management software easy for you

A Legal Case Management software allows the users to work from anywhere save a lot of time and money, thereby increasing the staff productivity and freeing up staff to perform other duties. Moreover, digitally supported software greatly reduces human error occurrences, making your practice efficient and effective in no time.

Now that you know how important it is to have legal case management in the UK for your small firm, business, or start-up organisation, you must also start considering case management software development options.

With Matellio at your disposal with our best tech stack and software development practices, we can combine everything you need to give a holistic platform. We will take care of all the other things so that your organisation can have more time to grow, work and improve.



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