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Dec 2, 2021

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Top 15 App Analytics Framework for 2022

With the introduction of digitization in the global market, the vital aspects of mobile app development have drastically transformed, and so have its design and UX aspects. All these changes led to the emergence of app development analytics tools. The mobile app analytics tools accurately predict how well your mobile app is performing, how many people downloaded your app, and even locate the exit points of the users. In short, these robust analytics tools provide you with the exact market and customer-centric data to help you add more success to your mobile app.

Although selecting a perfect app analytics tool can be a tedious task, especially when you have hundreds of options to choose from. But, through advanced research and comprehensive reports, we’ve compiled a list of top app analytics tools to keep you ahead of the curve and to make your mobile app a front-runner. So, without wasting any further moment, let’s quickly jump to the list of best analytics tools for your mobile app for 2022.

Top 15 App Analytics Framework for 2022
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Localytics is a powerful analytics tool whose main aim is to provide meaningful and personalized user engagement data. From traditional marketing analytics to customer-focused engagement models, it offers a variety of robust features to make your mobile app a success in the global market. Besides that, it also enables you to track retention metrics and attribution models across your mobile app. You can seamlessly leverage this powerful analytical tool to take your business to an entirely new level.

  1. Cloud Support
  2. Retention & Attribution Models
  3. Mobile CRM
  4. A/B Testing
  5. Marketing Automation
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Google Analytics is another robust analytics tool from the search giant Google. This marketing analytics tool was developed for large enterprises with accurate, integrated, and actionable data. It is a free tool that helps you make smarter decisions by providing you with vital insights over your mobile app. And these key insights are not only for Android but for iOS too. Not only that, you can even leverage these analytics to make brilliant marketing campaigns for better results.

  1. Traffic Reporting
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Keywords Referral
  4. Custom Dashboards
  5. Acquisition Reports
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Nothing can beat the effectiveness and accuracy of analytics provided by the Apple Analytics tool if you are an ultimate iOS developer. This amazing analytical engine has a slick design and is easy to implement. It is specially designed for iOS devices and works wonders in providing critical insights of the iOS users. Some of its features include user engagement metrics, retention numbers, active devices, and so on. The only thing it does not offer is free membership like Google analytics does. Also, it works great if paired with other third-party analytics tools.

  1. User Engagement
  2. Crashes
  3. Deletions
  4. App Store Impressions
  5. Payments and Financial Reports
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A unique feature that sets Firebase apart from other analytics tools is that it analyzes your app and provides a base model to build it. Google’s suite of tools for app developers, Firebase, delivers an extensive set of features that helps you measure everything from a centralized location. It also offers an intuitive dashboard that you can use to view your marketing campaign’s progress. Besides that, you also get some other robust functionalities to develop your app on the development platform.

  1. Crash Reporting
  2. Data Export
  3. Attribution
  4. Deep Linking Performance
  5. Test Functions
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Mixpanel is an excellent analytical tool with top brands as its users like Ticketmaster, Intel, Viber, and so on. It is an excellent choice when you want critical user-engagement data for your mobile app and the web application and mobile web, etc. It also offers plenty of robust tools like marketing automation, cohort analysis, funnel analysis, and much more. Companies can leverage these tools and vital data to improve their marketing efforts and products. Not only that, but Mixpanel is also easy to implement as it is codeless, i.e., no code is required to track the vital metrics.

  1. Engagement Analytics
  2. Conversion funnels
  3. Addiction Report
  4. Live Views
  5. A/B Testing
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If you want to connect user-engagement metrics to customer experience and business growth, then AppDynamics is the perfect solution. It is an ideal analytical tool that focuses on business growth and mobile app analysis. Its robust features efficiently track the right metrics to provide you with the essential data. It offers real-time monitoring, rightful business insights, anomaly detection, and so on to provide you with clear visibility for your mobile application. Also, it is relatively easy to implement, and its app behavioral learning makes it a self-configuring platform.

  1. Cloud Support
  2. Infrastructure Visibility
  3. AI-Powered Insights
  4. End-User Monitoring
  5. App Performance Monitoring
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Flurry is a powerful cross-platform analytical tool that quickly incorporates into your mobile app in under five minutes. A part of Yahoo Developer Network, Flurry enables you to view detailed metrics on new users, current users, sessions, etc. You can even leverage its robust functionalities like funnel analysis, cohort building, app users segmentation, and much more to efficiently track your mobile app’s performance. Moreover, this powerful analytics engine also utilizes AI to predict in-app demographics and much more.

  1. Centralized Dashboard
  2. Event Tracking
  3. Funnel Analysis
  4. Crash Reporting
  5. User Acquisition Analytics
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UXCam delivers you a perfect app experience by improving your app’s KPIs. It carefully understands your user’s behavior and tracks the right user-engagement metrics to make you stand out from the competitive world. A unique feature that makes UXCam different from others is Heatmap technology. With this robust feature, you can seamlessly record users’ sessions with your mobile app and get a detailed analysis of user interaction. It also provides qualitative analysis, crash recordings, Session replay, and much more.

  1. Funnel Analytics
  2. Offline Recordings
  3. Screen Analytics
  4. Usability Testing
  5. Device Compatibility
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Adjust can be considered an industry leader in in-app analytics, fraud measurement, and cybersecurity. It is a powerful analytical engine that helps data-driven marketers build perfect mobile applications for the global audience. Its robust features enable you to view store analytics, advertising sources, and advanced reports to help you fully monetize your mobile application. Not only that, but its centralized reporting tools also let you track and manage marketing information in one place so that you can easily detect hourly inclination, cohorts, user LTV, etc., efficiently.

  1. Real-time Data
  2. Fraud Prevention Suite
  3. User Segmentation
  4. Event Tracking
  5. Cohort Evaluation
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AppsFlyer is another most popular analytics tool that works wonders in providing vital user metrics to marketers. It offers independent measurement solutions and many innovative tools to help you grow your app business. It has a powerful fraud detection tool and is trusted by many big brands like L’Oreal Trivago, the Wall Street Journal, and so on. It recently partnered with Twitter and Google too. Moreover, it works actively on app development platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, tvOS, etc.

  1. Usage Data
  2. Mobile Attribution
  3. Deep Linking
  4. TV Attribution
  5. Marketing Analytics
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Build for cross-platform mobile application, Countly encompasses everything from push notifications to user segmentation, attribution models, etc. It’s an open-source tool that provides real-time engagement data of up to 10 million unique mobile identities. It is an all-around analytics engine that provides vital data for mobile, web, desktop, and even IoT applications, with security and data liberation as its primary focus. It has a responsive UI and is available in two different editions, viz. Self-hosted Edition and Community Edition.

  1. Centralized Dashboard
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Revenue Analytics
  4. Marketing Analytics
  5. Multiple Platform Support
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Buildfire is an excellent app builder and a tremendous analytical engine that provides marketers with vital app analytics information. It is a no-coding solution that helps businesses to develop, manage, and deploy efficient mobile apps perfect for serving the needs of the global audience. It offers high-end custom development solutions with intuitive app platforms and a responsive UI to its users. It’s sturdy and flexible enough to meet the high-end demands of the global market. The free version of this robust tool offers enough features to make you stand out of the competitive market.

  1. Access Controls
  2. Compatibility Testing
  3. Source Control
  4. Marketing Analytics
  5. Deployment Management
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LeanPlum is particularly useful in increasing your customer engagement, building brand loyalty, and growing your business revenues. It is a multi-channel customer engagement model that helps marketers to win a customer-first approach, put marketers in control, and optimize customer LTV. LeanPlum provides crucial user-engagement data to help marketers better understand their customers. It also offers extensive features such as push notifications, in-app communication, app editing features, and much more.

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Push Notification
  4. Campaign Composer
  5. Channel Attribution
App Annie
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App Annie is one of the most famous repositories of news and stats in the mobile world, the one that Apple.Inc frequently quotes during its annual events. It provides the app marketers latest trends and news over mobile applications to help them build robust applications. With its centralized dashboard, you can seamlessly track vital engagement metrics like downloads, revenue, usage, user demographics, and so on. Not only that, but you can also manage your advertising campaigns to improve your future business strategies.

  1. App Advertising Analytics
  2. Revenue Tracking
  3. Downloads Monitoring
  4. User Demographics
  5. Multi-platform Support
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Amplitude can be described as a result-oriented quantitative analytics tool. It has very similar features and use cases to Mixpanel. You can free at least 10 million user actions in a month. In case you need more than that, go for the paid version which usually starts at 2K US dollars per month.

  1. Real-time app analytics.
  2. Retroactive funnels
  3. User segmentation
  4. Scalable analytics
  5. Retention rate detection
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The digital world is changing at a much faster rate, so are the global market trends. In such a scenario, constantly checking the performance of your mobile app is a must, especially if you’re aiming to achieve high. So, these app analytics tools would surely help you know the accurate level of your app and provide you with vital user-engagement metrics. That, in turn, will increase the chances of your app becoming a pro in the global market. If you are planning to develop an app with strong features and effective analytic tools, Matellio can help you.

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