How to Hire Developers on Contract?

Apoorv Gehlot
8 min readSep 9, 2022

Companies worldwide are now realizing the importance of adjusting to fast-paced technological advances. Worldwide, the demand for development is increasing.

The concept of hiring developers on a contract basis has unquestionably become standard for startups and app development companies to hire dedicated developers. Nowadays, many companies are hiring developers on a contract basis to bring in remote expertise and gain maximum flexibility and profitability through app development projects.

Today, in this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages of hiring developers on a contract basis, a few tips on how to hire developers on a contract basis, and much more.

Who are Contract-Based Developers?

Developers who work for a specific employer on a contract basis are known as contract-based developers. They are hired to perform a variety of activities. They are not regarded as permanent employees because they are not part of a company’s long-term employees. When a company hires a professional for a time-limited short-term position with the prospect of bringing them on full-time once the contract expires, instead of merely surviving, this hiring model has enabled companies to adapt and pursue their objectives.

Furthermore, hiring a contract-based remote developer is one of the most effective ways to examine how well they fit into your organization, assess the work performance, and determine whether they’d be a good match as a full-time employee.

As you’ve seen an overview, now let’s move forward and discuss,

Why Must You Hire Developers on a Contract Basis? Key Benefits!

Below are some key benefits of hiring remote developers on a contract basis. Have a look!

Easy to scale development team

Finishing a one-of-a-kind project necessitates technique adds, which your company may lack. Hiring full-time developers might not be the best option in certain situations, as it would result in overstaffing and increased expenditure.

Developers on a contract basis are ideal for swiftly assembling a team to complete such projects. Yes, this is a continuation of the flexible staffing strategy outlined earlier. Simultaneously, qualified and experienced contract developers can assist you in bridging the skills gap on the project.

Utmost security

Offshore developers work with your data in a very protected manner using the most up-to-date encryption and data protection technologies. They may provide you with contracts that also include nondisclosure and noncompeting terms as an added layer of protection. You may be assured that no information will be leaked because their primary purpose is to protect you as a client by safeguarding the information you’ve delegated to them.

Cost-effective approach

Hiring a team of dedicated professionals from a reputable offshore development company is far safer and less expensive than seeking experts on your own.

A dedicated development team only charges for contracts they are awarded, and they frequently provide flexible payment options, so you won’t have to worry about hidden charges. When dealing with a group of professionals, you can expect competence and efficiency. Hire dedicated developers who can do project work more quickly and effectively, saving you time and safeguarding a significant chunk of your budget.

No need for training

One of the most appealing aspects of outsourcing software development is the expenditure you’ll save. Contract developers typically have experienced techies who have worked on a number of projects and are aware of the ins and outs of software development. Even if you have a developer with some expertise, you’ll need to devote time and effort to educating and familiarizing them with the company’s procedures. However, contract-based remote developers would start contributing immediately after being informed of company laws and requirements.


You should hire a dedicated developer’s team that can easily prevent any delays in the development of your project or respond to a project update.

With professional development experts, this is much easier to accomplish. Dedicated developers, regardless of their time zone, are always open to discussion. They are not only extremely professional but also very strict when it comes to excellent customer service. As a result, you can simply communicate with your team via multiple communication channels.

Improved response time

One of the key reasons companies outsource their work to professional developers is the fast response time for project delivery. Contract developers provide you with the most cutting-edge development technologies in a short amount of time. A dedicated team of developers keeps their clientele up to speed on the project and is informed of the background procedures on a regular basis. Outsourcing dedicated developers, on the other hand, is the greatest solution for any important project because they are more likely to satisfy your needs and expectations.

Some other advantages of hiring developers on a contract basis are: -

  • Temporary developers on a contract basis are hired to complete a task. The contract comes to an end whenever the project is accomplished. As a result, the company has no obligation to provide medicaid, paid vacation, sick leave, or any other perks to the contract developers.
  • A contract developer generally works on several projects, is suited to a larger number of teams and organizational factors, and serves a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Developers on a contract basis are more likely to have a diverse set of skills and experience than in-house developers.
  • If your company needs help with a short-term job, hiring a dedicated development team on a contract basis will be less expensive. Similarly, hiring contractors makes sense for small businesses/companies in need of a boost.

As you’ve seen the benefits of hiring developers on a contract basis; now, let’s move forward and discuss,

How to Hire Developers on a Contract Basis?

Looking to hire developers on a contract basis? Here are the most useful tips for hiring dedicated developers!

Determine the contract type

You’ll need to figure out what kind of development contract you and your developer should sign. A fixed-price contract, a time and materials contract, or a dedicated team contract are all options.

Let’s check each one of them in detail: -

  • Fixed Price — A fixed-price contract is a one-time payment you make to a developer in exchange for a project with a set number of features. The scope, budget, and timeline are all determined before starting the project.
  • Time & Materials — The Time and Materials agreement is a simple contract in which you pay your contract developer for the time and materials they spend. This is a great way to get an MVP to market, especially if the project requires more modification and revision than the initial concept.
  • Dedicated Team — A development Team contract entails directly compensating your developer based on the amount of work they complete. A dedicated development team model, on the other hand, is based on an agreement to pay a predetermined, budgeted amount over a set period of time (typically monthly) in exchange for a set number of hours completed.

Check soft skills

When it comes to hiring developers, proficiency in the technology stack should not be the only factor to consider. When there is a misunderstanding, soft skills become very vital. Choose developers that are easygoing, friendly, and communicative and who will take the time to explain things to you. Ascertain that your team can handle verbal communication at the essential level to ensure that it is understood by everybody. Begin by inquiring about the tools they employ and how frequently they communicate with their clientele. They should be able to communicate instantly via Slack, Trello, Skype, or another service.

Check experience

When it comes to hiring dedicated developers on a contract basis, expertise can be a defining aspect to think about. If the developers have a track record of success in similar projects, they will most likely be able to do so at your company as well. Experience, however, isn’t the only factor to consider. While experience is important, it should not take precedence over other considerations.

Build a timeline

You’ll be able to have your team’s architecture fully operational and ready to merge your developer’s work at the most opportune point if you have a timeline that outlines the development of every stage of a project and scope of work. The timeline should include regular assessments and approvals of completed tasks. You should also use project management tools to keep track of your development progress.

Check their portfolio and the security standards they follow

Check the validity of case studies by contacting their clients. With your proper research, delve a little deeper. Also, look at how they keep your information safe. International certificates confirm that the company meets international standards might be found. Inquire about the team’s assurances that your data is secure.

Check listing sites & portals

You can narrow down your search by using portals and listing sites dedicated to software and app development. This serves as a benefit.

All popular portals and listing sites, such as LinkedIn, Clutch, Good firms, and others, must be included. It takes time to look up your requirements there, monitor them on a regular basis, shortlist individuals from each site, and so on. Prepare to put a significant amount of time and money into your hiring procedure.

Check tech stack

Examine the technology stack, specializations, services offered, and industry experience. A technological specialty is held by the majority of professional app developers. As a result, if you’re trying to hire a developer with specific skills, keep this in mind and look into their preferred technology stack for developing software!

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Hiring developers on contract have been one of the more cost-effective choices in today’s modern, ever-changing environment, where businesses often demand specific levels of service. They are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. Both of these factors are critical to a company’s success.

If you value your time and would like to keep development concerns to a minimum, contact us to be connected with reputable developers who have completed a number of successful projects. We’d be delighted to help you!



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