How to Develop IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution?

  • Maintenance is vital for many industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, railways, real estate, etc.
  • Maintenance can be of two types: Reactive and Preventive
  • Reactive maintenance occurs when the machinery or equipment has gone out of order.
  • Preventive maintenance helps avoid business downtime by predicting the faults and scheduling maintenance before it has gone out of order.
  • Predictive maintenance helps businesses reduce downtime, lower maintenance, and boost productivity.
  • Enterprises can hire IoT developers or development companies to implement custom IoT predictive maintenance solutions.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Which Industries and Businesses can Benefit from IoT Predictive Maintenance?


1. Discrete Manufacturing

2. Oil and Gas Industry

3. Electric Power Industry

4. Railways

5. Construction


What are the Benefits of IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution?

Reduced maintenance costs

Better Asset Reliability

Better Machine Life

Improve Worker Safety and Compliance

How to Implement Predictive Maintenance Solution?

Working on an IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution

  • Technology Consulting: In this step, we help you pinpoint your targets, map your KPIs, and create the success roadmap.
  • Product Designing: This stage comprises creating working prototypes of the products. Clients can verify the product at their end and share feedback with the IoT development team.
  • Product development: This stage combines hardware and software development for the home automation system.
  • QA and Testing: From here, the testing team takes over and validates the deliverables against your scope. The development team takes care of the bugs and glitches they pointed out. Once QA and testing teams approve, the product is ready to launch.

Are You Ready to Implement IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution?

  • Infrastructural competence to create cutting-edge IoT hardware and software products
  • Experience in building IoT products for diverse industry verticals
  • Certification in the futuristic technology stack
  • Secure data management policies
  • Support for management of legacy and advanced devices
  • High-performing analytics and data collection



Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise

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Apoorv Gehlot

Apoorv Gehlot

Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise