How to Develop Custom Farm Management Software?

What is Farm Management Software?

  • Track and gain insights into daily farming operations and activities
  • Leverage tools to improve production efficiency and profitability of the farm
  • Track and monitor field workers’ efficiency
  • Allow seamless communication between field workers.
  • Manage crops

What are the Types of Farm Management Software?

1. Budgeting and Forecasting Software for Farms

2. Commodity Management Software

3. Precision and Agriculture Software

4. Livestock and Mixed Farming Software

5. Broadacre Cropping Software

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What are the Key Advantages of Farm Management Software for Agriculture Businesses?

Better Planning and Tracking

Save Investments on Labor and Input

Better Risk Management

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

How to Develop Custom Farm Management Software?

Step 1: Discovery Phase

a. Understanding Your Requirements

b. Proposal Delivery

  • Technology to be used in the development
  • Required team to build the farm management software
  • The features and their complexities
  • Platforms that the software will be accessible on
  • The engagement models

c. Finalizing the Technology Stack

d. Finalizing the Team

  • Custom software developer (based on the technology)
  • Front-end developers
  • Backend developers
  • Cloud implementation experts
  • QA and testing engineers

e. Wireframe Development and SRS

Step 2: Custom Farm Management Software Development: Panel Implementation

  • Budgeting and Forecasting Software for Farms
  • Commodity Management Software
  • Precision Agriculture Software
  • Livestock and Mixed Farming Software
  • Broadacre Cropping Software

a. Budgeting and Forecasting Features

  • Production and Tracking: Track livestock movements, crops, and production along with expenses.
  • Budgeting and Planning: Seamlessly collects historical data for accurate planning so that you can focus on your core business.
  • Stock Valuation Calculation: Easily calculate market and taxation valuation in a few clicks.
  • Financial Reporting: Find all the reports you need in a few clicks with efficient reporting.
  • Multi-farm Management: Manage forecasts and budgets for multi-farm businesses and garner reports.

b. Land Management Features

  • Land Mapping and GPS: Gain site-based data mapping with accurate yield forecasting with the powerful GIS and GPS.
  • AI-based Climate and Factoring: Smart controllers and sensor-based software solutions to gain data about the temperature, light, weather conditions, and more to make intelligent farming decisions.
  • Automated Irrigation Management: Irrigation System Management: Smarten the hydraulic systems to strategize the irrigation patterns and optimize the water usage.

c. Livestock Management Features

  • Manage Inventory: Automated inventory management to gain complete visibility and manage prices.
  • Livestock Tracking: Integrate GIS/ GPS mapping interfaces to use RFID, EID, embedded ear tag sensors to track livestock locations.
  • Manage Cattle: Forecast stock rates, enable planned grazing, compare pasture production output, and create corresponding reports.
  • Feed Mill Automation: Optimize ranch and farm livestock’ nutritional intake to ensure VFD compliance.
  • Pasture Grazing: Record yields and annual pasture growth using advanced GIS and Geo-fencing to get real-time cattle movement visibility.

d. Broadacre Cropping Features

  • Equipment Servicing: Functionality to conduct regular equipment inspection and generate reports
  • Crop planning: Automate irrigation and optimize plantation using farm mapping features.
  • Manage Labor: Quickly schedule, report or track employees and their efficiency.
  • CRM Features: Automate marketing and streamline lead conversion while gaining behavioral insights.

e. Precision Farming Features

  • Agriculture Monitoring Systems: Integrate agriculture monitoring sensors, camera surveillance, irrigation systems, and reports to visualize crop status in real-time.
  • Soil Sensor Applications: Measure temperature, pH, moisture, nutrients, and much more related to the soil to maximize the benefits of agriculture activities.

d. Additional Features

  • Drone technology integration
  • Drone analysis integration
  • Drone-based field mapping
  • UAV data processing software
  • UAV livestock solutions
  • Smart farming software
  • Aerial crop scouting software

Step 3: QA and Deployment

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  • Custom software development
  • Mobile app development
  • IoT-based software development
  • AI-based software development
  • And many more.



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