How to Develop an Restaurant Management Platform Like Lunchbox?

Why Invest in a Restaurant Management Platform?

What is Lunchbox ?

Lunchbox modules

  • Ordering
  • Marketing
  • Loyalty


  • Single platform — With this feature, you can set up the online ordering to fulfill web orders, app orders, catering orders, and more from a single platform. Customers will indeed be more likely to order from your restaurant if you have a straightforward and integrated online platform, which will help you establish client loyalty.
  • Kiosks — A new way for your customers to order their cuisine quickly and easily. To get the restaurant’s menu on their phone, the customer must scan the code.
  • Subscriptions — Customers that place many orders for the same item would appreciate this service. With this feature, they can quickly order and get some exciting discounts.


  • Email — Restaurants benefit from personalized service because it helps customers feel valued. Make an upsell by sending a tailored message to the customer via social media or email. Inquire about their experience with a certain order, and invite them to try something new from your offerings.
  • Notifications — This functionality allows you to immediately communicate branding updates to your customers.
  • Social integration — Retarget customers on social media to reach a larger audience. Use Google to match online ordering tags and boost SEO, and use Facebook for campaigns and promotion, as well as other social media sites for other marketing initiatives.
  • Analytics — Customers receive targeted, location-specific notifications from restaurant owners. This feature allows you to see how effective your marketing messages were, how many people interacted with your campaigns, and what sales were influenced by push notifications.


  • Reward program — Offering rewards programs is a great way to thank your valuable customer — they get earned points among each order, which they can redeem for special discounts and other rewards.
  • In-store awards — With this feature, you may surprise and amaze customers when they’re dining in. This functionality allows them to earn and redeem points through an app-only experience.

Top Benefits of Restaurant Management Platform

Boost customer experience

More options for consumers

Boost sales


Key Features That Make a Restaurant Management Platform

Real-time GPS tracking

Content management

Reports & analytics

Multi-location support

Accept/Reject order

Payment option

Marketing campaigns

Push notifications


Schedule order

How to Develop a Food Ordering and Restaurant Management Solution Like Lunchbox?

Do market research

  • Choose the market in which you wish to launch the solution
  • Determine who your key competitors are and examine their strengths and weaknesses
  • Come up with suggestions for how to improve your solution.
  • Find out who your key group is and what they’re looking for.

Build design

  • Make a suggestion for the best user-friendly color palette for your solution
  • Create design elements that are simple and minimalistic
  • Make recommendations for the best UX design

Check latest trends

Hire the right team of developers

  • UI/UX designers
  • QA testers
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst

Build MVP

How Much Will It Cost to Build an Restaurant Management and Food Ordering Solution Like Lunchbox?

  • Complexity
  • Features & functionalities included
  • Geolocation of hired development company
  • Technologies used
  • Platform




Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise

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Apoorv Gehlot

Apoorv Gehlot

Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise