How to Develop an AI-based Selfcare App Like WoeBot?

  • Anxiety and depression rates are at an all-time high with one in every four US adults being confirmed with a diagnosable mental disorder.
  • To fill the much-needed self-care gap, an app powered with AI/ML is doing a great job of becoming a market worth USD 6.2 billion by 2022.
  • Pandemic has brought unprecedented growth in the demand and market worth of mental health apps.
  • Top 20 mental health apps saw a 30% increase in their usage in just the first quarter of 2020.
  • FDA is also promoting the use of counseling apps and has even eased their registration process.

What are AI-based Mental Health Mobile Applications and What can you Expect from Them?

WoeBot App and How Does It Work?

  • The users are allowed access to chat with the bot right from the start, and the first few messages are about inputting necessary details.
  • The chatbot then gives a tour of the app and explains what each feature is doing.
  • The app then asks some insightful questions.
  • It then compares the answers to the AI/ML models designed on CBT theories.
  • It also uses techniques like mood tracking, stress level, sleep patterns, etc. to draw a more detailed picture of the user’s mind frame.
  • The app then begins with small suggestions to improve the user’s mind frame based on the latest findings. This includes breathing exercises, guided meditation, stretching, etc.
  • In more dire cases, the app offers stronger suggestions including connecting to a real-life practitioner.
  • In most case though the app creates a healthy mindset plan for users filled will tool like audio and videos of guided exercises.

Outstanding Features to Include in Your WoeBot Like Selfcare App

User Profile

Push Notifications


App Onboarding

Gratitude Journal

Mood Tracker

Guided Meditation

Get Free Consultation!

Sleep Tracker


List of Topics

Natural Language Processing

CBT Learning

Comprehensive Development Process for WoeBot-like Mental Health App


Market Research

App Wireframing

Development & Testing

Launch the MVP

App Maintenance and Updates

Useful Technologies to Consider for WoeBot Clone Development

  • Programming Languages: Swift 5, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java
  • Development Environments: AppCode, Android Studio, XCode
  • SDK: iOS SDK, Android SDK
  • Frontend: Cocoa Controls, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular JS, Mocks
  • Backend: Helios, NodeJS, Express JS
  • Web Server: Nginx, Apache
  • Cloud: Amazon S3, EC2, etc.
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe
  • Push Notifications: Firebase, User Notifications Framework
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