How To Develop A Fitness & Calorie Tracking App Like MyFitnesspal

Over the previous years, the world we live in has witnessed some tremendously difficult moments. We have compromised our fitness and health as a result of our fast-paced lives. The outbreak of the epidemic has made everyone recognise the necessity of maintaining physical and mental health. Nowadays, we are witnessing a new trend of fitness sweeping the globe. Individuals are taking, despite the busy schedules to go to the gym, take yoga classes, and stick to a important diet plan in order to cope with the difficult times we are all through. Within only a few years, fitness and workout applications that allow individuals to control and manage fitness and sports activities using their phones are now a social force! MyFitnessPal app, among the most prominent applications, allows users to keep track of their calories and exercise by putting them into an online journal. It’s for everyone with a hectic schedule who wants to reduce weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can indeed be customised to meet the demands of anyone with the particular doctor/dietitian-recommended needs.

A surge of mobile fitness solutions has sprung out as a result of increased smartphone usage and the advent of novel technologies. The global fitness application marketplace is expected to reach around $14.6 billion by 2027, according to research by Reports and Data. The need for a bespoke fitness app has been expressed. It’s a huge business, and if you’ve been thinking about developing an app like Myfitnesspal for your startup, this blog is for you.

As a leading fitness app development company, we’ll give some helpful fitness app development suggestions in this article, as well as examine the cost of developing a fitness mobile app like MyFitnessPal. So let’s get this discussion started.

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Before checking the cost to develop an app like Myfitnesspal, let’s discuss,

What are fitness apps?

A fitness app immediately benefits a user’s life by providing added value in the form of improved health. Individuals are becoming increasingly conscious about their fitness in these modern times. As a result, demand for such services is at an all-time high, and your app may be the one to meet it. Diet and nutrition apps, such as MyFitnessPal, have risen in importance as more people become health-conscious. These apps assist users in tracking and analysing their eating habits, nutrient and calorie intake, as well as advising them on how to balance their food intake for improved health. MyFitnessPal is a fitness-tracking mobile app that caters to persons in this category. The application immerses users in the realm of health, where they can achieve fitness through a variety of gamified activities. The MyFitnessPal app’s business concept has gotten a lot of attention from the public, and it now boasts an active user base of 80 million individuals. Due to the obvious sales and revenue it generates, the company has been able to raise a significant amount of money from investors. This has inspired some businesses to consider the development costs of a health-tracking app such as MyFitnessPal app.

So, you’ve made the decision to create a fitness app like Myfitnesspal app. But where do you begin? How can you create a solution that provides a fantastic user experience while also generating revenue? Simply put, you need to find proficient health and fitness app developers who specialise in health and fitness app development.

Apart from hiring top fitness app developers, you must have to decide your app’s offering.

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What are the must-have functionalities of fitness apps like Myfitnesspal app?

In order to create your bespoke fitness app a huge success and dominating the market, then you need to include top features in your app. As a prominent bespoke fitness app development company, we’ve mentioned top features that you need to consider while developing a successful fitness app like the Myfitnesspal app. Check them out!

  • Set goals — When considering how to make fitness software that makes money, keep in mind that goal is among the most effective tools for motivating users. Setting and achieving goals will help them develop healthy habits, enhance their physical condition, and stay fit and healthy.
  • Calorie Tracker — A key function to have in a nutrition or fitness trainer app is calorie tracker. It will allow users to keep track of how many calories they consume and burn when exercising, strolling, or just going about their daily lives.
  • Social sharing — Integrate your fitness app with social media to allow users to share their accomplishments with their friends and followers. They will indeed be able to submit posts in their social media accounts, for example, to share information such as their progress, personal bests, achievements, images, inspiring quotes, and so on.
  • Food info — Users may remain on top of their diet and intake patterns by providing detailed data about the food they consume, including carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The app provides access to a large database from which users can learn about the ingredients in their food.
  • Plan diet — The most crucial aspect of fitness is diet. Your app should provide its users with diet programmes that include their daily calorie requirements as well as multiple exercise plans to help them achieve those goals.
  • Push notifications — Push notifications alert your customers to their own ongoing app actions, as well as their daily commitments and goals. It’s also a wonderful method to suggest new services, discounts, and exciting offers that the platform intends to promote.
  • Daily tips — The primary cause of excessive eating is a lack of knowledge about exercise, food, sleep, mental fitness, and other related topics. It will be the pinnacle achievement for your app if you can enlighten your users on the subject. This would also boost your app’s visibility tenfold since your app would become the catalyst for many people’s fitness.

Besides these features, there are many other functionalities that you can include in your app. But, remember overloading your fitness app with tons of functionalities can increase fitness app development costs. That’s why it’s beneficial to collaborate with health and fitness app developers, as they what to do and what not to!

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As we’ve discussed the features, now it’s time to be more creative! Let’s discuss,

How to develop a fitness app like Myfitnesspal app? Points which you can’t miss!

In order to create best fitness app, you need to consider below mentioned points:

1. Do market and competitive research

As there are so many mobile fitness apps on the market, you need to find something else that will set your offering apart. Examine your competitors’ product offerings, design quirks, platforms, customer reviews, and so on. Customer reviews, both positive and negative, may be found on the App Store and Google Play. This can assist you in identifying your competitors’ strong and weak points, as well as how you might differentiate yourself from them.

2. Design UI/UX of your fitness app like Myfitnesspal

The app design is the heart and soul of your app since it draws people in and encourages them to use it. The UX/UI designer analyses your needs for the application and creates a wireframe, general layout, and prototype of your fitness app to produce an excellent app design.

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3. Select the right team of health and fitness app developers

Apart from features and competitive research, you need to focus on this point. Collaborating with top fitness app development company is very important. Matellio, for comparison purposes, has years of expertise developing world-class apps for customers across the globe. Matellio is the appropriate partner for your fitness app development needs because of its considerable experience and professional expertise in practically all development platforms.

4. Focus on revenue models

If you truly want your fitness app to bring you lucrative returns, you must choose the ideal revenue approach for it. You have several other options for making a profit or a nice profit from your fitness app:

  • Paid apps — If you want to target customers who are willing to pay for your application, this form of monetization method is ideal.
  • Ads — Among the most common methods to profit from your application is to promote it. You can allow them to bring in revenue from clicks and views by simply displaying third-party advertisements in the app. However, keep in mind that extensive use of third-party adverts can irritate your consumers and cause them to exit your app.
  • In-app purchases — If you’re still stuck on how to promote your app, have a look at this strategy, which allows you to offer both free and premium services. The app is essentially free to use, but individuals can purchase additional features and upgrade to a premium membership.

5. Test the app

After you’ve completed the development process, the app tester will thoroughly examine the app and correct any flaws to guarantee that it runs smoothly and functions properly. At this stage, quality assurance (QA) experts check for faults and errors in a mhealth application and also ensure adherence with the criteria. After that, software engineers repair all of the problems.

Well, above mentioned are the key points which you can’t miss. Apart from this, you would also need to ask about tech stack with hired fitness app developers. Because the fitness app development cost can indeed be directly impacted by tech stack chosen.

Moving on, let’s discuss,

How much bespoke fitness app like Myfitnesspal will cost?

It’s difficult to estimate the overall cost of a fitness app because the project cost is determined by a various of factors, such as the app’s complexity, platforms, capabilities, and functionality, back-end and front-end development, and much more. Matellio’s health and fitness app developers can provide you with a quote in much less time than other fitness app development providers.

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Despite the fact that the industry is quite cutthroat, there are several secrets that will assist you in developing a successful product. Analyze your rivals, establish your intended audience, and learn about user wants and preferences before developing a mobile fitness app like Myfitnesspal app. This will allow you to have a clear idea of what features your product should offer. To complete the fitness app development work without a hitch, make sure you have the best fitness app development company on board and that you’re employing the right technology and techniques.

If you’re looking for an on-demand fitness app development company, contact us. Our professional group of health and fitness app developers, strategists, content experts, and quality assurance specialists makes things simpler for us to transform challenges into possibilities. As a leading mobile app development firm, our goal is to provide businesses with cutting-edge technical advancements that help them increase efficiency, revenue, and brand awareness.

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Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise

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