How To Develop A Dating App Like Tinder?

Relationships all across the world started on an online dating app in today’s technologically developing environment. Everything in our life has been influenced by technological advancements, including how we meet new people and develop relationships. That is why dating apps have become so popular in recent years. Season after season, the online dating market expands rapidly, and this trend is predicted to continue. Previously, individuals used to meet their special somebody in a restaurant or cafe, but that is no longer the case. Tinder and other dating apps have been extremely prominent in recent years.

Their prevalence and social inclusion have surged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tinder has a monthly app profit of over 64 million USD, including over 6 million installations in January 2021. Consequently, there is no question that, as the market of on-demand apps grows, this number will grow exponentially. So, if you’re thinking about dating mobile app development that will assist individuals in discovering the love of their lives, now is the greatest moment to jump into the sector with a top-notch dating app.

Despite the fact that dating apps have been on the marketplace for more than a year, there is still potential for startups and developers to get a portion of the market. New dating applications appear on a regular basis, and those who would like to join the industry can still do so.

So, if you’re planning to build a dating app like Tinder, then this blog is for you.

As a leading dating app development company, we’ve decided to give you a comprehension guide on bespoke dating app development.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why to invest in developing dating apps, top must-have features, dating app development cost, and a lot more. So, don’t miss any section.

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Before discussing the development steps to make a dating app like Tinder; let’s quickly discuss,

Dating apps: what it holds?

A dating application is a mobile application that brings individuals together based on their shared interests, such as love or friendship. Users can normally browse images and communicate with one another via chats and video calls using the app. There are various types of dating apps available in the market like:

  • Traditional dating app
  • Niche dating app
  • Personal matching dating app
  • Geological matching dating app

Well, there are so many dating apps available in the market. Tinder is the most well-known example. But,

Why is Tinder gaining so much prominence nowadays?

Tinder, as we all know, is a freemium dating app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. One of the key characteristics of this app is its geographical proximity, which allows users to quickly identify nearby mates. Users can ignore the suggested match by swiping left and demonstrate interest by swiping right. Tinder also uses Facebook profiles to analyse user data and provide recommendations based on geolocation, common friends, or hobbies. The age group and gender of the persons they’re seeking for can be changed. Tinder’s popularity is due to its user-friendliness and appealing interface. The seamless user experience starts when a user registers in with Facebook, and the application obtains all of the data from there immediately.

Now, let’s move further on to the main part, “how to make a dating app like Tinder?”

To build a dating application like Tinder, you need to include features and additional features to make your bespoke dating app standout from the rest.


What are the key features that you need to consider during dating app development?

Features are the most important component of any app’s success. You need to include features that are important and make sense for the users. Below, we’ve mentioned some of the features that you can consider for your bespoke dating app development. So, check them out!

  • In-app chat — Allow your users to start a chat within their app rather than searching for another app to start the engagement. And you’d need a chatbox to achieve that. The application’s chatbox feature also offers protection for users. They can directly tell the admin panel if they see instances of abusive or ill-treatment conduct. They would be safe in this situation if they did not share their contact information.
  • Geolocation — Geolocation is another must-have feature for dating apps because it allows users to select a certain region. As a result, individuals can make acquaintances or meet soulmates in their local city or nearby. Even if you decide to build an app for finding a mate abroad, knowing where someone is from is helpful.
  • Push notifications — Push notifications are a great in-app communication tool that keeps users up to date on the app’s real-time actions. Typically, Push Notifications are delivered in the form of short, response messages. People using your app must always be informed when there is a match, which is why push notifications are so important when creating a dating app like Tinder.
  • Profile — This may seem self-evident, yet every user should have a profile that includes information about their interests, preferences, and activities. You may integrate automated extraction from social network accounts so that users don’t have to fill in some boxes manually. Personal profiles are incredibly valuable since they allow users to see what other people like and dislike, allowing them to determine whether these are qualities they want in a companion.
  • Social media integration — This integration is necessary to improve authenticity and raise the chances of finding a perfect match. Finding facts from social media accounts can liven up an online dating chat quite a bit. In reality, impressing a match, as well as predicting whether or not it will be attached, becomes simple.
  • Smart matching — Automation has pushed the boundaries of technological technology. As a result of this integration, dating apps will now include intelligent matching based on age, location, hobbies, and interests. The higher the number of characteristics, the more precise the result. Users may find their potential wives based on their specifications and expectations, making finding the ideal partner simple and quick. If users get what they want, they are much more likely to return to the dating app in the future.
  • Calendar integration — It’s usual to go on multiple first dates when dating apps offer a lot of matches till lightning strikes. As a result, it’s critical that users be able to manage their schedules and venues. In such cases, the calendar integration will save the day. In the dating app itself, users can quickly keep records of all the meetings they have planned.

These are some of the features of dating apps that you can consider. But, keep in mind, never include any features that make no sense for the user. Also, features will increase the dating app development cost; that’s why it’s beneficial to hire a dating app development company. Experts of dating app development company can indeed assist you to include features that make sense and will not increase the dating app development cost.

Moving forward, apart from features, there are some other things which you need to look at. So, let’s dive in and discuss,

How to make a prominent dating app like Tinder? Key points to consider!

The points which you need to focus on are:

1. Study competitor’s offering and target audience

Looking at top-tier dating apps like Tinder is the greatest place to start. Examine their characteristics, as well as the significant similarities and distinctions between them. A comprehensive examination of the competitors will assist you in determining what succeeds and what to ignore. But keep in mind that doing the very same thing as everyone else is pointless. Your dating app shouldn’t be an exact replica of another online dating site. Furthermore, it is critical to comprehend what the audience wants in order to develop a successful dating app. Certainly, you may create a generic app that caters to the needs of several demographic groups, but the architecture, set of features, as well as app’s description, should be personalised to the intended audience.

2. Focus on UI/UX design

The user interface of your online platform is extremely important and has a significant impact on whether a user decides to stay or seek for another app. The most important aspect of good design is to keep everything easy and intuitive. Users want an easy-to-understand UX design that is free of ambiguity. The buttons must be easy to find and use, and the colours should complement the overall design. Make sure your application doesn’t have too many graphics or buttons and that images and text are balanced. Your design should be appealing, engaging, and straightforward. Make sure that the app is easy to navigate and that the logo is appealing. You might also use gamification elements to further engage users.

3. Select the right revenue models

For dating applications, there are a variety of monetization options. Tinder recently released its annual earnings report, revealing that the brand made $1.2 billion in swipes and matches. There are various methods to earn money with the app.

Below are some good dating app monetization ideas:

  • In-app advertisement model — When the majority of users are utilising the free version of the dating app, ads are often a good approach to create revenue. Because you can gather and process users’ data and behaviour in order to propose advertisers a good selection of intended audience for their requirements, dating apps are an ideal marketplace for brands.
  • Subscription — This offers customers with exclusive bonuses and advantages that freeloaders do not have access to. Those who choose to utilise the free version of the dating apps may do so for a limited time.
  • Freemium model — This is yet another popular way to make money with your dating app. Some dating apps provide freemium services, which allow users to use the app without having to pay for some features, such as the order to transmit Graphics in messages and various others.
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4. Start the development process

This is the most time-intensive step, and it entails building each element of the eventual dating app. Designers should focus on the software and also security, localisation, instant messages, settings, and all of the other elements mentioned above. Though dating apps are intended to be enjoyable, you must consider security as the number one priority. Another function that needs to be implemented is account verification. Your app can check a new user’s social media profiles for authenticity. Finally, a system for reporting persons who are causing difficulties should have been in place.

5. Test the app

Before releasing an app, it is necessary to conduct quality assurance testing. To do this, you’ll need testers on your team who can manage the last-mile logistics and quickly call up flaws before the app officially launches. The testing step can be applied in a variety of ways: by team members, by releasing the MVP version on the app store, or by submitting it to testing websites where users can experience the service and provide comments.

Moving on, let’s check!

How much does dating app development costs?

This is indeed a very daunting task to determine the exact cost to develop a dating app like Tinder; as it depends on numerous factors like:

  • Features
  • Technologies to be use
  • Region of dating app development company
  • Application platform

Apart from the above, the dating app development cost depends on the team size as well. In order to build a proficient dating app like Tinder, you need the following roles:

  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineers
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager

If you need a full quotation for dating app development, contact us.

For More On App Development Cost, Check Out How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

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For those hoping to establish a steadying influence in the industry, dating app development has proven to be among of the most viable options. They are constantly striving to incorporate new and innovative features in order to meet the unique needs of their customers. However, developing a dating app from the ground up necessitates a significant amount of time and effort, from conducting market research to employing expert developers and marketers. All you need is a team of specialists if you have a good idea and the resources to make it a reality. Contact Matellio, a top dating app development company; experts at Matellio will help you take your ideas to the next level.




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Apoorv Gehlot

Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise

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