How to Develop a Bespoke Social Media App & How Much it Costs?

Technology has made the globe more interconnected than it has ever been. Who would have guessed that social media applications would take over the internet so quickly years back? Nowadays, we hardly ever use our phones without first opening a social media app. The bespoke social media app development has been vital in linking people from all over the world.

During these challenging moments, social networking app development like Facebook, Instagram, and many others have become modern ways of doing business and connecting to clients and customers.

The importance of social media app development during the current disease outbreak has prompted companies and businesses to take advantage of the bespoke social media app development in order to remain ahead of its competition. Social networking app development is among the most innovative ways to provide consumers with an intuitive interface and increase interaction from a business perspective.

As per Manifest, by 2021, the number of monthly active users worldwide would have surpassed 3 billion thanks to the influence of social networking apps development.

With the number of people using social media sites increasing every day, it’s essential to consider social media app development to be a strong competitor. Despite the fierce competition, it’s essential to work with a social media app development company to bring your concept to reality and gain future markets.

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In this blog, we’ll show you how to develop a social media app, where to start, as well as how much it’ll cost. So let’s get started!

Social Media: What & Why?

Social networking sites, in general terms, are some digital communication platform that enables users to share content with others. Social media has made great strides from texting and commenting to posting images and videos. It has evolved into a forum for sharing common interests, knowledge, thoughts, business opportunities, and far more. We’ve already stated that social media is an excellent platform for trading. Furthermore, these are effective advertising and public relations platforms. People discuss businesses on social media and they even talk about offerings or post positive feedback.

Rising bespoke social media app development is a massive prime opportunity for both existing brands and business owners. If you want to make a social networking app, you must first understand various social media applications.

What are the various types of social media apps?

Let’s look at the various social media applications that can assist you in defining your market and rivals. Consider the following types and make a decision:

  • Social network apps
  • Social media dating apps
  • Social media bookmarking apps
  • Social media news apps
  • Social media video sharing apps
  • Social media apps for entertainment
  • Social media apps for business network

Some other types of social media apps are:

  • Photo sharing apps — You can build a photo sharing application that enables users to do much more than just share images. These applications can help users bond by enabling them to post, bookmark, and edit photos, as well as do something with the camera by using filters.
  • Discussion Forums — These applications will enable users to build profiles and engage in debates and provide a space for them to pose questions. You may have social features such as following comments, allowing users to follow each other, and so on.
  • Online review apps — Users may use specific social media networks to identify the best products or services by depending on a vast knowledge base. Users frequently use location-based functionality to post feedback of businesses.

These astounding types demonstrate how quickly social media is enhancing the web experience. However, what is the source of its popularity? Read on to find out!

Why is social media app development so popular? Top reasons!

Here’s the reason behind the popularity. Take a look!

  • Entertainment and information are provided by social apps
  • Individuals from all over the globe can efficiently and rapidly link and interact
  • Social media apps can also be used to raise public consciousness about social issues and affect societal change
  • Business owners can make good money by establishing an online business on the social networking site platform

Moving on, let’s discuss,

Benefits of social media app development for businesses

Here are a few of the top benefits of bespoke social media app development services for businesses. Take a look!

  • Businesses may engage with their potential clients and consumers promptly.
  • Customers can receive personalized assistance, alerts, and updates, among other things.
  • Businesses may use a bespoke social media app to boost sales for free or through paid services.
  • They could market their goods or services to a large number of people in a short period of time.
  • Social media applications assist in website traffic.

With several competitive advantages, many companies and businesses today choose to develop specialized social media app development. As a result, social media app development services are expanding and offering novel solutions. You must include innovative features in order for the application to be attractive to consumers and highly competitive.

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Let’s move forward and discuss,

What are the most important features to look for when developing a social media app?

Using unique features in your app is not only essential but also rewarding. When starting your own social media network, you’ll need at minimum one distinguishing attribute to set yourself apart from the competition. Pay attention to important media platforms to determine which functionality the application must-have.

To make things easier, here are some of the introductory and advanced features that are needed for social media apps. So take a look!

  • Feed-In most instances, social media applications are arranged as a feed of content created by other users or by the application itself. A feed usually contains friends’ posts, comments, photographs, images, or music — anything your application’s subject is. When a user opens an application, they would like to know what’s new; that is what the feed is about.
  • Search & Filter — You will undoubtedly win the users’ gratitude if you introduce a user-friendly search feature. They should be able to find other users, updates, and comments by searching for them. Consider using a strong search tool with auto fulfillment and advanced search features to expand your search options.
  • Push Notification — Push notifications would undoubtedly be needed to keep users informed of key moments in the application. Users enjoy receiving notifications when someone likes their post or when the individual or community they follow publishes new material or content. Users are more likely to stick with your application if you send them push alerts that notify them and spark their attention.
  • Security — A social application’s most important resource is its users’ confidential data, which can never be compromised or leaked to a third party. As a result, enhanced confidentiality functionality should be included in the software. To keep their confidential information private, users ought to have secure login facilities and privacy control options.
  • Chat — Despite the app’s priority, chat is a must-have feature. Users can communicate via text, speech, images, or videos using a chat messenger.
  • Smart Payment — Do you want to make money from your software application? Have you already decided how you’ll make money off it? In any case, you’ll need to integrate your proper solution with well-known payment methods like Debit cards, net banking, credit card, or any other payment option.

Some advanced features are:

  • Login — A required functionality in a social media app that allows users to register/login in two ways; Connecting up email, other social network accounts, or mobile number. Profile registration will also imply the transition of the user’s full name and account picture.
  • Add stories — This refers to content that is available for a full 24-hour period. People will prioritize and see such short-term content as a way of communicating instantly. It displays the time in periods so you can see who updated what and when.
  • Go live — Many social media users encourage participation through live-streaming videos rather than simply listening to something. This functionality has recently gained tremendous popularity, particularly amongst gaming and podcast listeners.
  • Chatbot Integration — AI-powered chatbots are commonly used as an indicator to boost customer experience. It removes a need for human intervention 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allows companies to respond to consumer inquiries at any time of day.

Want to add or know more advanced features for your bespoke social media apps? Contact us. Our social media app developers will integrate top features in your app, which perfectly suits your development budget.

As of now, we’ve finished with the features and functionality of social media apps. Now, the next step should be to figure out how to successfully develop a social media app?

How to successfully build a bespoke social media app? Step-by-Step process!

If you’ve chosen to dive into the world of social media app development, here are all the steps you’ll need to take to create a stunning social media app.

1. Do a research

It is not enough to develop a social media app and then introduce it to people. Its popularity owes a great deal to well-conducted market research. You must assess their rivals before developing the app, with a focus on tactics that will propel them to the top. You’ll be in a great position to offer a unique selling point that bridges the value void left by established applications if you have a thorough understanding of the market. You offer insights about your rivalry, your primary social networking site segment, and your audiences depending on market research, which aids in the creation of a plan to define KPIs. Instead of being an app in a crowded market, a new application must provide something unique.

2. Select the suitable monetization model

After that, a social media app must be well-liked by users and can generate revenue. As a result, it’s critical to choose a suitable monetization model that promotes long-term sustainability while maintaining revenue in focus.

The most effective ways to benefit from a social media app are as follows:

  • Ads
  • In-app purchases
  • Premium model
  • Paid Content
  • Subscription

3. Design UI/UX

For a social media application, user interface design is paramount. You must cover your product in a stunning but simplistic design if you’d like to appeal to a young audience, beginning with millennials. Perhaps more crucial is the user experience. The transitions between screens must be smooth and consistent.

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4. Development and Testing

The phases of development and testing are intimately connected. They almost always happen at the same time. We favor Continuous Integration at Matellio because it guarantees the consistency of an app while also speeding up the development process. The development process of a social media application typically coincides with the creation and design of a social network site. We begin the backend by establishing servers, repositories, APIs, and appropriate storage systems once code has been developed and tested.

The QA team must check the solutions because this is a crucial move. It’s possible to produce big leads while also identifying potential creation vectors with an MVP.

For bespoke social media app development; the following members were required in the development team:

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • QA engineers

The development team is the most crucial part of and development. That’s why experts suggest partnering with professional social media app development companies.

We have a solution that fits all of the platform’s technical requirements, standards, and norms. Our social media app developers assist our clients in creating native social media apps and increasing app results.

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5. Test the app

Once the project is developed, our company believes that you have access to all types of assistance and improvements. Our team provides you with excellent installation and maintenance as we guide you through the process of learning how to create social media applications. Our professional QA team ensures that your bespoke social media app is constantly updated and free of bugs.

Moving on,

How much social media app development cost?

The social media app development cost is strongly related to the functionality and services, and technologies targeted. Like developer skill and geographical location, design sophistication, and development process, several other considerations all play a role in deciding the cost of developing a social media app.

If you want a detailed quotation of social media app development cost, you can contact us by emailing Our experts would love to work on your project.

Matellio’s experience in social media app development

We have standardized social media app development procedures in place at Matellio that first answer your requirements before assisting you in creating innovative solutions utilizing our experience and competencies.

You have a fantastic idea for a social media app, which is fantastic. Prepare to build a stunning app with the help of Matellio’s expertise. Many founders, startups, and enterprise companies have benefited from our assistance in developing popular social media applications.

Get in contact with us if you already have an application concept and transform it into a technological world.

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Developing a social application is an intriguing thought since today’s society is almost impossible to find someone who does not have an account on at least one social networking site. However, due to increasing data vulnerabilities, social media app development may not be as simple as it seems. Creativity, technological skills, and a solid and skilled team of professional social media app developers, on the other hand, are essential to building a solid project that meets your business objectives and attracts users to your app.

So, do you have any plans to invest in social media app development? We will assist you! To learn more, please contact us.



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