How To Create Cryptocurrency Wallet App?

Cryptocurrencies have grown in tremendous popularity in recent years. Cryptocurrencies are progressively being used for bill payments, shopping, trading, and other purposes. Crypto wallets have become popular in order to make cryptocurrency transactions more convenient and safe. To design a great wallet and support seamless transactions, you’ll need to hire the best cryptocurrency wallet development services.

Planning is essential for any endeavour, and cryptocurrency wallet app development is no exception. Are you having trouble figuring out how to create cryptocurrency wallet apps? Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered.

The demand for mobile-based crypto wallet apps has increased dramatically as the use of mobile applications has grown. We’ll talk about cryptocurrency wallets, their variations, benefits, and key features in this blog. You will indeed be conversant with the many sorts of wallet apps available on the market after reading this article. We’ll also discuss how to figure out everything you need as well as how to make one for yourself.

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What is Cryptocurrency? What are cryptocurrency wallet apps?

It’s a type of digital currency that can be used to purchase anything that traditional money can. It is a decentralised kind of currency, which means it is not managed or maintained by a central agency.

Cryptocurrency wallet apps: Users can use cryptocurrency wallets to buy, trade, borrow, and track the amount of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in their holdings. These digital wallets are software applications that keep track of a customer’s transactions, including how many coins they own. Cryptocurrency wallets are more intelligent and feature-rich. It’s a software that keeps track of the public and private keys that are used to launch cryptocurrency transactions. If you wish to use cryptocurrencies, you’ll need a wallet in order to do so.

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Moving ahead,

What are the types of cryptocurrency wallet apps?

There are various sorts of crypto wallets on the market, each with its own set of features and security capabilities for securely storing coins. Below are a some of the popular types of wallets. Check it!

  • Mobile wallets — Because the wallet is installed directly to your device, a mobile wallet is quite comparable to a desktop wallet. Normally, you manage your cryptocurrency wallet via a smartphone application, which further enables you to transfer your holdings in a physical store by scanning the Barcode.
  • Online wallets — These wallets are cloud-based and may be accessed from any computer in any place. Online wallets, while more easy to use, store your private keys online and are maintained by a third party, increased vulnerability to hacking and fraud.
  • Desktop wallets — Desktop wallets must be installed to a particular laptop or computer and can be viewed from a certain device. In speaking, they provide a decent balance of safety and reliability. It’s vital to realise, though, that a hacker could acquire access to your wallet if they had been able to independently access your computer.
  • Paper wallets — Among the most overlooked crypto wallets is the paper wallet. All you need to do is to note down your private and public keys on a piece of paper, and your money is safe! This is due to the fact that the keys are not linked to any servers, indicating that the only method to access them is to have the paper version! User can enter the keys into a program or online wallet when you really need to transfer the funds, or perhaps even simpler, scan the Barcode you generated!


Why to invest in cryptocurrency wallet app development?

As we all know, technology is evolving on a daily basis and progressing to new levels, several wallet apps are being produced by cryptocurrency app development companies. There are numerous compelling reasons for the current availability of bespoke cryptocurrency wallet apps. Many industries have implemented blockchain, and as a result of this adoption, there has been an increase in interest among business owners in using cryptocurrency apps.

  • The best point about cryptocurrency wallets is that all transactions are completely anonymous and secure. Users are safeguarded from theft and information manipulation in these transactions, which give the highest level of security. Without specific keys — public and private keys — no one else can take your stuff.
  • A wallet can carry a wide range of digital currencies and never run out of space.
  • Wallets are preferred by all crypto exchange development platforms since they bundle the coins into clearly identified parts, preventing any confusion.
  • It can be used to monitor your balance and keep track of prior and current transactions.

Cryptocurrency wallets had over 70 million users at the end of March 2021, as per Statista. In the not-too-distant future, the number of people who use a wallet app will skyrocket. This is the greatest time to start working on a cryptocurrency wallet app development.

The most widely used cryptocurrency wallet is the mobile cryptocurrency wallet. By downloading the application to your smartphone, you can access it from anywhere, including physical stores. In comparison to other wallets, they save a lot of time and are much smaller and easier to use. As a result, Cryptocurrency wallet app development for mobile phones is in high demand.

Hire a cryptocurrency wallet developer to create a wallet, or a cryptocurrency wallet development company like Matellio can assist you with the building of a top-notch cryptocurrency wallet app.

Now that you’re familiar with the reasons to create a cryptocurrency wallet apps. Let’s discuss!

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How to create a cryptocurrency wallet app?

Well, there are many things which you need to consider before starting the cryptocurrency wallet app development phase. Below, we’ve mentioned some of the core points which you need to consider. Have a look!

1. Decide functionality of your cryptocurrency wallet app

Consider the following features of developing your own cryptocurrency wallet solution:

  • Currency conversion — The cryptocurrency wallet app would need to be refreshed with the current value in real-time because it will allow users to perform financial transactions across several modes — even between digital currency, among different digital currencies, as well as between digital and fiat currencies.
  • Push notifications — The administrator can use the reminder functionality to inform users of the cryptocurrency application about the price of the cryptocurrency, payment success and failures, establishing an address, and etc. Users will be able to stay connected thanks to this feature. Get real-time updates on all of your account’s activities.
  • Two-factor authentication — Passcodes and PINs are no longer the most trustworthy means of protection in today’s world. Ensure that users are encouraged to adopt two-factor authentication. Aside from a password and username, two-factor authentication requires an extra log-in credential. It can be a one-time password (OTP) provided via SMS or email. Even while 2FA can be inconvenient for some, it adds an added level of security in the event that your password or PIN is stolen.
  • Transactions — The most vital function of any wallet, whether it’s a cryptocurrency wallet app or a regular one, is transaction. This application is used by everyone to complete a transaction. A cryptocurrencies wallet app’s transaction function is its peculiarity, as it allows a crypto user to make any transaction that must be quick and 100% hack-proof.
  • Backup — The backup technique is the most important aspect of the security feature. With or without the private key, the transaction details of users can be easily retrieved. It is followed by two key options: email restoration and password.
  • Login — A cryptocurrency application’s signup page must be created with much more attention and consideration. It’s the initial line of defence against unauthorised login attempts in the application. To prevent tampering or hacking, the user account should be protected with two-factor authentication.

If you want a comprehensive list of features for cryptocurrency wallet app development. Contact us.

2. Prepare a plan

You must maintain a close eye on your competition if you want to create a unique crypto app. Know everything your rivals are up to, what innovations they are aware of, what development methods they employ, and so on. If you want to gain a market edge over them, you must know everything there is to know about them. The analytic, project plan, processes, and mockups approval are all part of this step. It aids in the definition of objectives, the analysis and preparation of a development plan, and the identification of optimal technology.

3. UI/UX design

Among the most important aspects of development is UI and UX development. Make sure you tell the developers and UI/UX designers exactly how you want your app to look. The actual ideation of the product, that is, precise software architecture that fulfils the project’s specific criteria, is generated during the design stage.

4. Development

During the cryptocurrency wallet app development process, the programming phase entails writing code and translating design documentation into actual software. We have such a team of highly skilled developers at Matellio who can quickly create a cryptocurrency mobile wallet app.

5. Testing

To guarantee that the software is clean and that the solution’s business objectives are satisfied, the QA team runs a number of tests, encompassing functionality testing, system integration and interoperability testing, and user acceptability testing. It assisted in removing all of the app’s faults and glitches. Before releasing it, make sure you allow the developers ample room to test it thoroughly.

6. Focus on security

When it comes to creating a cryptocurrency wallet software, security is paramount. As a result, you must guarantee that the cryptocurrency app has the highest level of security possible. With two-factor authentication — fingerprint reader, face ID, and device authentication — you may add an extra degree of security to your crypto wallet app.

Moving forward, let’s check!

How much cryptocurrency app development costs?

The cost to develop a bespoke cryptocurrency wallet app depends on numerous factors like:

  • Complexity of the app
  • Features and functionalities you liked to include in your app
  • Chosen platform, etc.

To obtain a full estimate, please contact us; we would be delighted to provide you with a cost for your project.


Cryptocurrency app development has risen in importance as cryptocurrency has gained in popularity. Investing in the creation of cryptocurrency wallet apps will provide you the opportunity to become a major player in this highly competitive field. This blog is about the Cryptocurrency Wallet app and the strategies used to create it. If you want to build a strong, dependable, and intelligent cryptocurrency wallet app, choose and leverage the best cryptocurrency app development services to make your crypto transactions simple, safe, and pleasant. If you want proficient cryptocurrency app development services, contact us. Experts at Matellio would love to assist you.

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