Conducting Market Research For Website Development- Right way to do it!

Are websites important in 2021?

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So how do you conduct research for your website?

  • What type of website do you need?
  • Competitor research
  • Finding the target users
  • Research for marketing
  • Who to hire

1.What type of website do you need?

2.Competitor research

3.Finding the target users

4.Research for marketing

5.Who to hire

There are free website builders too, from which you will be able to build your website by yourself. The three major choices would be

  • Making the website yourself
  • Making the website through WordPress or other pre-made CMS.
  • Making the website through custom code
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Apoorv Gehlot

Apoorv Gehlot


Founder & Board Member at Matellio — Technology enthusiast with enterprise solution design & development expertise